Established since 1996, in Akmese - Kocaeli, the Ataman Walnut Farm consists of 150 hectares of land, including 25000 Chandler and 5000 Fernor trees, making it the largest walnut farm in Turkey.

The farm has been consulting, and continues to, with the experts from UC Davis California University to produce the highest quality walnuts. In addition, in 2013 the farm began a venture in the production and sales of nursery trees.

With large investments in top quality machinery imported from France and Italy the farm is able to harvest the nuts in a short period of time and ensure that they are dried at the optimum 8%. This gives the walnut a lighter colour, avoids the risk of mould and ensures it can be stored for longer periods of time maintaining the quality of taste and appearance. The facilities and production process employed by the Ataman Walnut Farm is among the most advanced in Turkey.

The farm is producing mainly the Chandler variety of walnut due to its popularity. It’s main characteristics being light colour, thin shell and high kernel percentage.

Total planted area
150 ha
Total number of trees
60-80 m
Summers are hot and a little rainy, winters are mild and rainy
Water resources
Snow and rain water collected in the lakes and a drip irrigation watering system
Soil structure


Specifications of Chandler

  • Thin-skinned
  • High kernel rate (48-52%)
  • Light coloured
  • An average of 50 kg/tree (optimum conditions)
  • Late blossom
  • Late harvesting
  • Resistant to spring cold
  • Resistant to diseases and pests
  • Pollinators are Fernette and Franquette